Kulturfjøset has learnt a lot from International projects.
2022 – 2024 Rising with culture – a project about Cultural Entrepreneurship, cultural, heritage and
cultural cooperation
together with Otvor Dvor, Slovakia.


  • Access to contemporary art improved
  • Capacity of cultural players supported
  • Audience development supported
Picture of the group taken at our first meeting on Huser 2022

Otvor Dvor

The project will be implemented in a former franciscan monastery in the centre of Rožňava, Slovakia.
The building is owned by local municipality and has long been abandoned. In 2016 our civic association
Otvor Dvor (translated as Open the Courtyard, i.e «be openminded») signed a contract with local
municipality and rented it for 20 years. Since then we have been restoring it and establishing a cultural
centre there called Kultúrno-kreatívne centrum Kláštor (Cultural-creative centre «Monastery»). So far we
have opened a co-working space that supports local NGOs and creative people. We also run a tailor-
shop where clothes from recycled materials are made. Currently we are working on «English Corner»
(supported by US Embassy) which will provide educational activities. We are also restoring several
sections of the building so that in summer 2020 we can open a nice café, a quality bookstore, a zero-
waste shop, an audiobook recording studio, several ateliers for local artists, low cost offices for NGOs,

We organize numerous cultural events in the building.